Practical and Pragmatic Solutions for Urban Development Within Communities

Strategic Advice

We understand that as a land developmer you want to provide value to your customers by providing them with new homes and places of business. 

We come alongside to help guide you through the complex layers of government bylaws, policies, and legislation.


We focus on solid collaboration and strive to reduce complexity.

Land Development Documents Review

Pre-application Review

We understand that time is money, and project delays and re-work are costly to your bottom line.

By reviewing your application package, we can suggest enhancement so that when municipal staff do review your project, it receives as much forward momentum as possible.

Where to Build

Site Selection Assistance

The acquisition of property is both a daunting and inherently risky process. Finding available land is a challenge and being familiar with the policies in each jurisdiction only adds to the complexity.

We use our expertise to help make sense of land use, zoning requirements that impact your project. Our goal is to reduce the uncertainty and reduce your stress.

Organizing and Reducing
Overall Complexity

Project Coordination

Whether coordinating with consultants or collaborating with municipal staff, we meet the challenges as they arise and work with you to see the project to a successful completion.